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fairest_phoenix's Journal

7 July
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This is a journal for a fictional character in the 2nd_rome LJ Changeling: The Lost game. None of this is real.

Nuriko Sanada is a student at Georgetown University (class of 2012). Unknown to many, she is also one of the Lost, a member of the Summer Court and a Fairest of the Draconic Kith. A dedicated member of the Iron Spear, she has vowed to protect her friends from the depredations of the Gentry.

Description: To most people, Nuriko is a rather pretty Japanese teenager with long blue-black hair, fine features, and deep chocolate-brown eyes. She prefers to wear clothes in shades of red, orange and yellow.

Behind her Mask, her features take on a faintly avian sharpness, and her hair becomes a vivid scarlet with a texture more reminiscent of feathers than human hair. Her eyes are the golden hue of the outer edges of a candle flame, and the temperature rises by several degrees when her emotions run high. She often dresses in a man's kimono and hakama (divided skirt) in shades of red and gold. If expecting a fight, she arms herself with a naginata.

A somewhat younger version of Nuriko previously appeared in the milescross Changeling: The Lost game.